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Bangkok. Tesserae madness.

The Grand Palace is described in most travel advice sites in the web as a must see sight in Bangkok.

Most of the structures in this complex are covered in mosaic. Walls, roofs, spires and domes are embellished with little pieces of assorted tesserae. Tile, ceramic, glass, and bits of stone are laid out to form intricate swirls, florals and patterns. I squint and focus on the details. Strange thoughts start buzzing in my head. I started to think of the craftsmen who worked the mosaics. What were on their minds? Did they sing work songs as they glued little pieces? Where they paid well for their labor?

Not much is written about the craftsmen who made these amazing mosaics. Unseen magical hands with no names.


One response

  1. Joey

    Great details- never noticed ’em until now…

    January 24, 2011 at 5:06 am

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