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The Holga Chronicles

A friend gave me a Holga 120 CFN camera. It shoots film. Yes that and more. It is difficult, almost impossible to find 120 film in my city so with the help of a lot of googling I modified the innards of the Holga to shoot the more available 35 mm film. What inspired me to start using this toy are the resulting images when using a 35mm film with a 120 Holga.

I love the rough and surprising results of using film. The Holga 120 is not an SLR so what you see in it’s little viewfinder is not what you get. What you see is what you might get. Among the quirks of using this toy is the absence of a film advance lever. To move the film to the next frame with spacing requires an exact number of “clicks” that diminish as you progress. I shoot with a pad and a pen to make a shot list to guide me with how many clicks would be necessary to move to the next frame.

Shooting with film is a challenge in this digital era. Challenging and fun.


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