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Shooting with Film in the Digital Age… Another Argus C3 Episode

Here are a few more shots from “The Brick.” I don’t have a light meter so most of the shots are done instinctively. Sun up = speed up.

Libertad Fire Hydrant

Libertad Watch Repairman

Water Meters

Silay City Coffeeshop

Hofileña Ancestral House

There’s a certain magic in film grain that is absent from digital photography. Sniff too much of it and you get hooked.


Argus C3 shot by Lumix FZ35 in macro mode

Here’s the Argus C3 Rangefinder up close. Dials and dials. Lovely old camera.





The Holga Chronicles III

This is from my 4th roll of film. I still made the mistake of shooting with the lens cap attached. I still attempted to shoot an ASA 100 film with an approximate 1/100 sec. shutter speed in the shade with disastrous results. The last shots from the roll are still amazing and I finally had one with the Holga “Light Streak.” I used an expired Fujifilm YKL for this series.

Holga Hiatus

Busy. Rainy. I didn’t have time to go out on the streets and shoot.

Among the things I did for this Holga madness is a shot list and exposure chart on a piece of index card.  This acts as a guide and is necessary to minimize film wastage. A 36 shot roll of film can provide 20 to 24 exposures with spacing in between images. My next experiment would be to achieve slightly overlapping images soon. I hate to do the math yet.

Let me leave you with this garden shot. This shot is blurred an terribly exposed. But that’s what a Holga can do to you.