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Marketing Major

Shooting with Film in the Digital Age: Argus C3 goes to the Market

The Bacolod City Central Market is one of my favorite places to shoot.


Coffee in a Can

Coffee stalls in markets use evaporated milk in cans instead of cream or fresh milk. Cans are then reused as take-away containers for coffee instead of paper, plastic and styrofoam cups.


Kandahar Bazaar stuff

I would have wanted to buy something from the bazaar but the prices are just beyond what I can afford. A lot of interesting collectibles ranging from unique padlocks and keys, coins and Iraqi banknotes featuring Saddam Hussein are scattered on bazaar tables waiting for someone with dollars to spare. Haggling is a skill I have not mastered. I left the bazaar empty handed. 

a portion of potions in a gauntlet of amulets

Potions, amulets, minerals, aromatics, resin-rich wood chips, beads, powders. This little spot is at the south side of the Central Market of Bacolod City where the scent of freshly ground coffee and slaughtered chicken collide.

I didn’t ask the amulet lady what these potions are used for. I’ll ask her some other time.