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Coffee in a Can

Coffee stalls in markets use evaporated milk in cans instead of cream or fresh milk. Cans are then reused as take-away containers for coffee instead of paper, plastic and styrofoam cups.



words are scarce today

random coffee shop shot.

New Gerce Cafe. Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City.

Santa’s clone in blue

I’m always fascinated by the folks I see on the streets. This white-bearded man wears a standard security guard’s hat and a blue uniform-type shirt with epaulets. Funky cool.


Not Starbucks

Central Market

Scattered around the city are quaint little coffee shops usually within or near major public markets. Coffee  in these places are inexpensive and devoid of the one hundred and three different choices that confound and confuse. No triple-latte-mocha chinos-with extra espresso topped with an ephemeral heart swirled by a steady handed barista here.