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Shooting with Film in the Digital Age… Another Argus C3 Episode

Here are a few more shots from “The Brick.” I don’t have a light meter so most of the shots are done instinctively. Sun up = speed up.

Libertad Fire Hydrant

Libertad Watch Repairman

Water Meters

Silay City Coffeeshop

Hofileña Ancestral House

There’s a certain magic in film grain that is absent from digital photography. Sniff too much of it and you get hooked.


another city another cup

Went to Silay City, had coffee, didn’t shoot much. There are just days when pixels do not give justice to a charming city bursting with details and charm. I will go back here someday and shoot a few more frames and have a few more cups.

And I leave you with these bottles left behind by a thirsty trio. True to it’s slogan, even in an empty coffee shop, “Coke adds life.”